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TCFD (Tanzania Christian Farm Development) was founded in Tanzania in 1993 by Gordon and Phyllis McCormick to do God's work in Tanzania. Work began in September 1993 on what is now a 300 acre site situated on the outskirts of Ndevelwa village near Tabora. Tabora is located in the central region of Tanzania some 700 miles inland from the executive capital of Dar es Salaam. This property is mostly forest and was allocated by the Government of Tanzania for the development of a school to teach agriculture and other trades. In 2000 a Trust was also formed in Northern Ireland  known as Tanzania Christian Farm Development Trust (NI).

For the latest news on John and Pauline in Tanzania, click here.


There are now 25 children (13 boys and 12 girls) in the Childrens home. If you are interested in sponsoring a child please contact us at

In 2016, we commenced an additional building to the children's home to meet future demand requirements, both for additional children and a suitable building as the current children get older. Teams were primarly involved in building work (block building, electrical work, painting, plumbing, joinery work and help looking after the children.




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Latest News

See News -  November 2015 Prayer Letter added

The Jul14 and Sept14 teams teams from Northern Ireland has a blessed time in Tabora at the Childrens Home. The work on the toilet and laundry blocks have been completed sucessfully. The children enjoyed the love and care that was shown to them by the team members. For the latest news on the Tabora 2014 Building Project Team Trips, click here .




  • To build a farm compound
  • To build a school
  • To develop improved breeds of animals
  • To develop vegetable growing
  • To teach people land use skills and animal husbandry
  • To build a Childrens Home
  • To teach by example
  • To evangelise and teach the wider community in the Christian faith 


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