Kazima Childrens Home


Summary of Kazima Children’s Home to date

The first phase has been completed. This included animal housing. Some animals (pigs and chickens) have been moved from the Ndevelwa farm to Kazima. The planting of some fruit trees and vegetable plots has been carried out



The second phase also has been completed. This consisted of the main building of the Children’s Home which includes two dormitories, two bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, staff quarters, entrance hall and office. The building work was also completed on the first staff house and storage water tanks have been installed, which will be of great benefit to provide a water supply during the dry season.




The third phase also largely being completed which was the building of the new staff/volunteer complex.




After much prayer and consideration it was  agreed to provide a Children`s Home for Tabora. This decision was confirmed after receiving a request to consider providing a Children`s Home from the Teachers Association and Education Authority in Tabora. Due to the increase of Aids and other diseases, the number of orphans is continually rising. Medical care for people in Tanzania has become very expensive and many cannot afford to pay. This situation leaves many mothers seeking help outside of the medical profession usually from their parents. Many parents live in the villages and bush areas and do not have the means to care for their extended family members. When they are ready to give birth it is common to hear that complications set in and mothers die leaving difficult situations in caring for their babies.

A 10 acre site was acquired by TCFDT at the village of Kazima approximately 5 miles north of Tabora town centre on the main road to Nzega. The site has easy excess to both electricity and water supplies, it borders the reservoir which services most of Tabora. The village has resources of stones, sand and moram for building, also there are many people there making burnt bricks. Using these building supplies from the village will provide work and an income for the local community.



In 2007 the second phase commenced with the laying of the foundations and setting the concrete boxes for the erection of the steel work for the main building. A team from Northern Ireland went to help with the erection of the steel work and also with the brick work of the main building and also made a start on staff housing.




In 2009 another team from Northern Ireland helped with door and window painting, tilling, painting of murals (based on Biblical scenes and verses), electrical work and verandas to front and rear. That left the building ready to be equipped for the different uses of sleeping, washing, cooking etc. Find out about the 2009 Team Trip to Tanzania - Click here.

During a Team Trip in 2010, interior and exterior walls were set out for block building and block work was completed to above window sill level. The roof has now being installed with internal plastering completed and the windows and external doors installed. Find out about the 2010 Team Trip to Tanzania - click here

In 2011 team when to help with the electrial and plubming installation in the new staff/volunteer complex.Find out about the July 2011 Team Trip to Tanzania - click here


We are now ready to recruit staff for training to work with the orphans.

A fund is required of approximately £25,000 for future planned constructing the Children`s Home. Further funds are needed for the daily activities of the home.