Farming Project

The farming project is based on animal husbandry. This includes the rearing of chickens. These chickens are then sold to the shop and supplies are also sent to local hotels. There is also eggs availabe for sale.

Goats are used for their milk and are grazed using zera grazing programme. There is a pig unit which involves the breeding and fattening of pigs, this provides pork which is sold in the shop.

Cattle are purchased and grazed and when fattened sold for meat to the shop. This provides fresh meat from which can be made burgers, sausages, steaks etc which makes a change from the local diet of rich or maize.


The dam provides water for the locals. When the rains come it helps with the growth of grazing for the animals and also helps the vegetables to grow.

There is also a maintenance programme which includes the checking of vehicles, machines and other equipment making sure all is operational.

Attending to the needs for food and other supplies is a daily task.