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Support TCFDT(NI) via new secure on-line giving through BT MyDonate.

MyDonate is run by British Telecom (BT) using their secure servers. BT offers this service free to charities like us and passes on 100% of your donation. Your card details are NOT passed on to us, just the money.

If you are a UK tax payer you can tick the Gift Aid box and the Inland Revenue will add an extra 25% to your donation at no extra cost to you.Additionally, you can also remain anonymous in which case BT will not pass on any of your details, such as your name, to us. Click on the logo to go to our page on the MyDonate website.

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How is TCFDT supported?

TCFDT is a faith mission. By this we believe that God will provide for our needs. Supply is through churches or individuals being prompted by God to give, and not infrequently through legacies! This means that all the expansion and outreach the Trust seeks to do in Tanzania is not restricted by fixed budgets or fund-raising campaigns but by God's guidance and promises.


Do Trustees receive a salary?

The work of Trustee's is voluntary and do not receive anything for personal gain.

How can I support?

Support for TCFDT can be made on a regular, occasional or one-off basis using any of the followiing methods:

Cheques should be made payable to TCFDT which will go into the general funds and be used by the discretion of the trustees where most needed.
Standing Order
It is also possible to have your bank set up a Standing Order to send support on a regular basis (please contact us for details).
Gift Aid
Provided you are a UK Taxpayer, your personal contribution can be made by way of Gift Aid which allows TCFDT to claim an additional amount from HM Revenue and Customs on your gift. TCFDT does NOT deduct a percentage for this service. (Please contact us for details)

Charity reference XR35927.
This is an often overlooked method of support. Any gift made to TCFDT under the terms of your Will can easily be arranged in conjunction with your Solicitor when making or reviewing your Will. Any such gift is free of inheritance tax. Click Here for further details.

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