TCFDT Team Trip 2009 (29Aug09 - 13Sept09)

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On 29 August 2009 a team of 6 people lead by John Tuff set off from Belfast International airport for 2 weeks to carry out various tasks at the TCFDT Childrens Home. After 4 flights over nearly 2 days we arrived in Tabora.

Arriving in a land where roads are made of dirt, even the runway, was quite an experience.Having said that the country is so beautiful as can be seen in the picture above. Out at the Childrens Home in Kazima, a leisurely walk took you into another world where amongst the withered grass existed some of the most amazing plants.

The Childrens Home itself set in this lanscape fitted in very well. Consisting of two dormitories, dining room, kitchen, office and staff room, it is extremely well kitted out. Most houses in the area would have only one or two rooms for all activities - living, eating and sleeping. Although in this climate it is easy to see why most people spend the majority of their time outside.


Key tasks that were carried out

A veranda was erected on both the front and rear of building to shelter the children from the sun during the hottest times of the day. We worked with local people to complete these jobs.

Tiling of the floors were a major priority for hygiene and to keep dust to a minimum. The tiles will also be cool and refreshing after a hot afternoon outside.

Keeping on a practical note, the electrical work such as lighting and ducting of the electric wires to the building was completed. As you can see we had to use what ever means we had to elevate ourselves!


To protect the doors and the windows, some of the team and locals were involved in painting and staining. This certainly helped to make the building more attactive.


This was certainly a good way of promoting a team spirit!

Last but no means least the murals were completed. The work of two artists and one assistant accomplished several murals within four of the rooms. The following are just a sample:

Cormeen Dorm is decorated with a `Noahs Ark` themed mural. You can see the team hard at work here! Each of the four rooms had a scripture verse incorporated into the mural.


In the 2nd Dorm `Creation` is portrayed. The verse status in the room is from Psalms and gives praise unto the Lord.

The hallway features two murals. One of which is an `African plain` scene while the other states the verse where children were brought unto the Lord Jesus for Him to bless them.


All verses are in Swahili so that the children can read them.

In the dining room we painted some food items and the verse `O tast and see that the Lord is good`.

This summary report should give some insight into what was achieved within a short two week trip to the Childrens Home. Don't say there is nothing you could not do - one person in the team was the painting assistant and found a new talent she never knew `painting by numbers on a large scale`!.